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I coach teams who are interested in becoming self-managing and facilitate leadership courses around the world that train people in amore adult-adult, coaching style of leadership.

Although I was born in the UK, I grew up in Southeast Asia. For much of my life I’ve been an outsider, part of a group and yet separate. Perhaps that’s why I studied Drama at university, so I could step onto stage in other people’s shoes and make sense of the world through their eyes. 

After I graduated, I tried out many different jobs, searching for somewhere I belonged. In 2011, I found myself in a training company in London where I developed an insatiable appetite to learn more about humans in the context of organisations: leadership, communication, adult development, behavioural psychology, group development, organisational transformation. This also marked the start of my interest in personal development, catalysed by spontaneously enrolling on a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course. Drawn to more radical ideas of decentralised organisations, I left the corporate world and founded Reimaginaire with the idea of supporting teams and organisations that were interested in new ways of working.

In 2016, I met Karin Tenelius, co-founder of Tuff Leadership Training, and we began writing a book together about a human-centred approach to self-managing organisations. I became an accredited Tuff trainer and consultant and now lead courses around the world. As Reimaginaire, I mostly support small organisations on their self-management journeys. Sometimes I work on larger-scale projects, teaming up with collaborators like Greaterthan.

I’m passionate about curating and sharing examples of self-managing organisations on my blog or on my podcast, Leadermorphosis.

Fancy a chat? I'm always keen to chat to fellow reimaginaires. Get in touch here.