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Organisational self-management coach | Tuff trainer | Leadermorphosis podcast host | Thinkers50 Radar 
author | future of work speaker

Lisa Gill, included in the Thinkers50 Radar 2020, coaches teams and organisations who are interested in becoming self-managing and facilitates leadership courses that train people in a more adult-adult, coaching style of leadership with Tuff Leadership Training. She is also the host of the Leadermorphosis podcast, for which she has interviewed thought leaders and practitioners from all over the world about the future of work. As a writer she regularly contributes to websites like Corporate Rebels, as well as her blog on Medium, and was nominated for the EODF Best Written Contribution Award. Lisa is the co-author of the book 'Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations from Sweden' (2020).

“Turning self-managed teams from a good idea into reality is a big challenge and Lisa Gill is leading the way in making it happen.” – Thinkers50

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